How To Get More Customers

getting more customersThere are countless ways to get more traffic or prospects to your business. Some are certainly easier and faster to get going than others.

This is where a great many business owners spend most their energy and hard earned money in their business.

But as I have mentioned before you will be leaving an enormous pile of money on the table if this is the only area that you focused on

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Here are some ideas on improving the number of prospects coming to your business. Whether that is a shop front or your website you will be able to quickly get many of these started.

I’ll break it into 2 sections, firstly the free traffic ideas and then some paid ones. Free can be just a bit of time and energy and no more than $100 spent

Paid traffic can be just as valuable but make sure you monitor your costs and the return so you can do more of what works.

Actually with both free and paid you should be testing and monitoring all the time. Always trying to find the best return and then creating a new “challenger” to try and beat your best.

Too many times I ask someone what sort of enquiry rate they get from a magazine advertisement and they have no idea. Simply adding a coupon code or a different phone number, you can track how effective it has been at the end of the month.

Only then will you honestly know whether it is worth doing again.


Always, always test and measure the results just like you are an Olympic athlete


Here are some free ideas I have put together but it is far from all that I can think of

  • Write an article for your website that covers what your clients are looking for. This will help make the site more relevant to your customers. If you want to find out what people are searching for check out this post for a free Google tool that will give you some great ideas
  • Write down all the frequently asked questions that your customers ask you about your different products and services. Then put the answers onto your website as quite often people search for these
  • Referrals have the double whammy of being a good traffic source and much easier to convert to a customer as your business has been recommended by a friend or colleague. What referral strategy do you have in place?
  • LinkedIn is a good source for business to business prospects. Find your ideal business in LinkedIn and you can quite often find the best contact by name. Send them a letter directly offering advice and information that can benefit them. The follow up after a few days to get some feedback on the information you sent.  This can help form an initial relationship that can lead to ongoing business
  • If you have a retail store try a big sign in the window. Big bright letters that get noticed. Change the message often otherwise it will blend in after a while and people will no longer notice the sign
  • Another one for retail.. an A frame sign in the street will break people thought pattern as they walk up the street long enough to get your message seen
  • Car stickers and Car Signs can make it easy for a prospect to grab you phone number of web address. If you are a tradie then this can be a simple one to get more business whilst your vehicle is parked
  • Find a business that is complimentary to yours and leave some flyers there. Preferably one that is required before yours. Like dress shops having flyers for the local shoe shop. Or the landscaper having their details with the local pool builders
  • Video marketing on your website. Take videos of your products or services to better explain what a customer may need to know. Then post it to YouTube with it also embedded on your website.
  • Contests are a great way to get prospects details as they enter your contest to win. This can used very effectively in magazines, newspapers or even online locations like Facebook



Here is a quick list of some paid traffic sources that can be very effective when used in conjunction with accurate testing and monitoring

  • Google AdWords is great when used carefully as your ads are highly targeted at searchers that are looking for exactly what you have on offer. But set your  daily budget and start with exact match terms first to keep it under control. You can quickly melt your credit card if used incorrectly
  • Telemarketing can be great at targeted your ideal prospects. Often it is better to offer something free like a report/whitepaper that deals with many popular issues faced by these prospects to start a dialogue and build rapport. Then follow up with more information or free consultation
  • Shop-a-docket ads puts your business in the hands of consumers. Make sure your offer is irresistible though
  • Direct mail still works when done well. Unfortunately more often than not it is done poorly by many businesses large and small. Get your direct mail piece professionally written, put it in a plain envelope addressed personally. Use a sequence of mail pieces over time to your perfect audience. You will be a long way to avoiding the rubbish bin
  • Organisation Sponsorship. If you have the capacity this can be a great way to network into a small group and have a significant amount of influence. Often I find many sponsorships are left unattended. What I mean by that is there is little interaction or promotion after the sponsorship is presented. If you do sponsor your child sport team offer a special coupon or offer to all the other team members to leverage your investment. And do it a few times through the season to stay top of mind

There are many, many more options available to create more visitors to your business or website.

Always, always test and measure the results just like any Olympic athlete so you know what works and what doesn’t. Quickly get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work and do more of the things that do work


Some great resources for further inspiration are;


Customer Acquisition by Amanda Bracks




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