Over 300 percent increase in leads!

A simple A/B test has resulted in more leads… a lot more leads

I don’t know a business owner that doesn’t want to increase business. Most of them I speak to though just seem to continue to focus on trying to increase the number of prospects that come to their website

AB test

Take a look at your website analytics and you will probably see you are already getting visitors but not all are becoming a prospect. There are two distinct types of visitors to your site. Those that hang around looking at your information and the others that just arrive and leave straight away, known as a bounce.

In fact many sites have a bounce rate of more than 60%

I’ll discuss a few ways to reduce bounce rate in another post but for this time I want to show you how I increased the number of leads by over 300%

I set up a simple A/B test, that is I created a copy of the original page I wanted to test and make one small change to it. Now I have 2 pages that are very similar with 1 difference only. Then as traffic comes to the page I have alternate visitors go to one of the different versions of the page. The goal I had set up in this case is to complete an enquiry form.

After 100 visitors have been sent to each page we can normally determine a winner, but I wasn’t expecting such a BIG difference

The test has been running for a few months due to the low volume of visitors to the page. I need to have approx 100 visitors to each version before I could draw any conclusions

Well with over 100 visitors to each page my new version beat the original by 8 leads to 2. That’s a result which is testing at a 307% improvement!
I’ll take that any day of the week

So what did I change I hear you ask? The headline, just a couple of words were changed around to better clarify what the rest of the page is about

Want to know more about how you can run a test like this then just contact me here



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