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Business Websites

I see so many business websites where good money has been spent to get online to increase their reach only for it to all fall flat. Poor design for search engines means that the prettiest website will not be easily found.

Too many website designers have little knowledge of both sales and marketing. On top of this they have even less knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization)

What does this all mean?

If the critical phase of building the foundations and selecting the correct platform to have your website developed is not done then it cannot perform well for you.

Here at Six Star we discuss your business strategy first and foremost so that the website becomes an integral part of your marketing arsenal.








Digital marketing strategist for small to medium business.
I help business owners with their marketing to target and nurture more high value clients, to deliver more profit and grow their business by implementing proven tactics and strategies.
I show you successful lead generation and marketing systems that will bring in an unlimited stream of quality clients to work with.
A critical part of our system is to provide regular checks to ensure you reach your desired success as well as tap into our knowledge and support
I use statistics and data to make smarter decisions in business. Rather than the “spray and pray” marketing of old, I have been able to leverage time and resources to deliver a far better outcome and profits.


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